Tech consultant turned priest.

New Job

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Can I share some fun news with you? A couple weeks ago, I accepted a position as "Academic Technology Administrator & Integrationist" at a local Christian private school. I never thought I'd have one job that combines my love for technology and theology, but this one just about nails it. In a nutshell, I'm supporting about a hundred teachers, a few hundred devices, and a lot of parents. We're asking questions about the role of technology in the classroom and home. This is especially fun to do against the backdrop of biblical anthropology, educational processes, and computer science. To phrase it differently, I get to do Appinstructor in the context of a Christian school. I'm pumped.

What about Appinstructor?

Appinstructor is still open for business, I'm still taking appointments, and Scotty is still taking the Birmingham Branch to record levels. The reason why I didn't simply try to restart Appinstructor from scratch here in Minneapolis is because I don't know very many people in this town. When I started Appinstructor in Birmingham in 2010, I left an Apple Store of 100 friendly, former coworkers willing to send me referrals. I had a decent client base from the get-go. A second launch in this town would be a different story.

My role with Appinstructor will be a bit different now. In addition to taking a few appointments here and there, I'll continue to direct Appinstructor's new initiatives and possible expansion into new cities. If anything, my new job at the school will provide a new vantage point for watching the horizon of Appinstructor and the tech industry at large.

What about pastoring?

One of the traditional roles of the deacon is to have one foot in the church and one in the world. In a sense, this new job helps me explore that diaconal calling, as well. I'll continue to preach and assist the staff in seasonal ministries and projects, and one day, I hope to start discerning the possibility of planting a church.


As for this blog, I'm sticking with the original intent: post sermons and tech thoughts. Perhaps now, I'll toss in education and iOS deployment. God knows that once school starts up, I'll have plenty from that department to share, too. Thanks for tuning in.