Tech consultant turned priest.


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Being "on call" for a few hundred clients of Appinstructor (previously Macinstructor) gives rise to interesting stories. Calls have come in at 2am and even on Christmas day. The positive way to spin this is to say that in the midst of panic, people feel that I am the one to call. And that's an earned trust.

The same is true in pastoring. For the last year, I've been one of the pastors of our congregation. Which again, is another sense of being on call. Calls come to clean out flooded apartments, visit shut-ins, hear confession, pray for healing, help the homeless find shelter for the night, etc.

My first vocational calling is to be a pastor, which might be kind of weird for you to read because you most likely met me online via Appinstructor. Originally, Appinstructor was started to liberate myself from Apple Retail and have more time for seminary. It did well, and I found myself with two flocks: parishioners and non-nerds.

Being accountable to two full-time careers was rough. I staggered through trying to do both at 100%, but fell over more than a couple times. That's why I tabled a couple projects, including the Farmer's Market podcast, which will resume shortly. In order to help stabilize myself, I contracted a fellow former Apple employee to field the Appinstructor appointments, and I applied some of my Mac GTD geekery to better streamline my clerical duties. Finally, I could sleep again.

And then we made the Decision. In order for my kids to grow up closer to their grandparents and cousins, my wife and I decided to step down from pastoring the church and move to Minneapolis. We also adore the culture of the Twin Cities. So many quality folks are up there. Appinstructor will continue in Birmingham under some else's leadership. I'll be launching another branch up north. Stay tuned for that stuff. I'll also be helping out with two Anglican churches in the Twin Cities.

I'm used to taking risks in my life, but this one is pretty big. The church gig isn't going to be able to support my family, so I'm banking on Appinstructor to fill in the gaps. Well, that's a crude way of putting it. The real story is that God's hand has been leading my wife and I through a lot these past few years, and we have no reason to think his guidance is going to stop any time soon. He called us to Birmingham, and is now calling us back north.

This tucked away, updated once in a blue moon, behind the scenes, semi-rambling, sometimes offensive blog will show the unfolding of my story. Buckle up.